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Dear Laurie what is your opinion about the privetly held banking institutions and their role in the World economy and the  lives of the people and Nations?And why the covernments of most Western Countries betrayed their constitutions,while it is stated that only the congress is authorized the issuing and circulation of Money in the economy?and not private corporations.And why and how the entire worlds population owes the 98 percent of their Money?

My opinion is that irrespective of monetary systems, wealth resides in the control of resources.  And wealth has always exerted control over politics in such a manner as to increase its own wealth at the expense of everyone else.

The only solution is for the people the use the power of politics (government), justice and law enforcement to obtain equity in the control of resources (wealth).

This can only happen if the entire people have the power to choose their government and their laws, guided by real education and wisdom.


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