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I've been on psychiatric  drugs since age 19 and I am age 42 now. without going into detail, they literally saved my life and i'd be dead if I didn't take my medication.

a scientologist told me that I've been on the drugs for too long that they would refuse to audit me.  she said all I can do is  study the religion on my own with the books that are out there, etc
respectfully, does this mean I am damned for eternity

The Church will not touch you as you have been under a Psychiatrist and on psychiatric drugs.

You MAY be able to get auditing outside of the church but certainly would need to be OFF the drugs for at least 6 weeks.

However you are not Dammed for eternity.  I donít know who told you that but it is bullshit.  L. Ron Hubbard never said it and if HE did not say it it is not technology.  

The Lady that ran  CCHR  (Citizens Commission on human Rights) a Scientology group has a past history of psychiatric drugs and being in an institution but successfully overcame that.

Regardless of anything you are an immortal being and cannot die.

There is a lot of gain that can be obtained simply by reading all of LRH's material.  


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