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Well i decided to make and eat a pizza,so of i went to the supermarket and bought the ingredients,i made my preperations in the kitchen,preperate all the ingredients,put it in the oven ,bake it and then ate it.I didnt advertise it,didnt sell it,i didnt informed anyone about my intentions to create the pizza,i didnt kept records or statistics,i didnt brag about it,i did evaluate its taste,i didnt made a Picture of it and post it to FACEBOOK or PINTREST!So about the awerness levels you were mentioning,i dont get "IT",see i dont see clear the exchance when referring to the army or its so called 'products'maybe because of the forced not voluntary nature of the taxes exchance its easy to me to see lets say BRINKS as company the whole organizing Board,and the customers that want to buy its products i see the divisions clearly,i see the process easy,even when i compare my life i see whats missing or not,but creating want or marketing it when referring to the army?or advertising my pizza,to WHO?

I sent you the answer on this last week, and somehow it never went.

Here is the deal:  Each department of the organizing board is associated with an awareness characteristic which represents a portion of the cycle of production.  These are NOT necessarily the exact same FUNCTIONS for each and every kind of product or production.

Go to this page here, and read the awareness charactersitics across the tops of the departments.  They have names like "prediction, activity, production" (for the three departments of division four).

Now, go back to your pizza project and imagine what part of the function of deciding to have pizza, going to the market, buying the ingredients, coming home, cooking, sampling, sharing with friends and family, each awareness characteristic would correspond to.


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