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Dear Laurie,i do have a question about the organizing Board,when i examine a multi national like macdonalds or General motors its easy to see all its 21 sections,but when i examine for example the ministry of defence or ministry of Justice or a Police Department or the national guard what would the products of dissemination division 2 the marketing and advertising section product would be what?or the next the editing's?Thank you.

The organizing board is, in fact, nothing more than the cycle of action or the cycle of production, broken down into ever-smaller parts.

Here's an exercise for for you to try:  Look at the awareness levels across the top of the organizing board.  NOW - take a simple action like getting dressed; digging, putting something in and refilling a hole; or going to the store, doing some shopping and returning with and using your purchases.

See if you can align each of the awareness characteristics of each action with those activities along the top of the organizing board.  Then see if you still have trouble with government ministries.  Let me know what you come up with.

Also, do this on line course:


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