QUESTION: What does it mean in Scientology to be playful? How does one be playful? Thank you.

ANSWER: The spirit of play is an absence of seriousness.  It does not mean that a person doesn't give their all for a goal, but it means the willingness to experience the outcome of "losing" as well as "winning."

Seriousness is mass.  It introduces the element of "must" or "must not," each of which implies the other.  You can't have must or must not without an unwillingness to experience which means you are inserting effort into the equation, which means that in order to maintain that effort you must also insert its counter-effort, which creates a problem and its attendant mass.  Being "deadly serious" about something actually diminishes the life available in that thing.

Being willing to experience gives you access to both sides of the game, making you pan-determined and free of problems and mass - able to play.  You have the ability to manipulate the goals, freedoms and barriers of the game without fear, antagonism, anger or any of the lower-scale emotions which impair your ability to perceive and to act.

When playing, when involved in a game, you are acting with the realization that you will survive any outcome, and be able to come back and play again.  Being "serious" implies that one outcome or another will be unacceptable, will reduce your survival, and so it "must not" happen (another outcome "must" happen) which, as above gives you a problem; gives you mass; lowers your tone; decreases your ability to perceive, act, react.

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QUESTION: Thats cool. I figured it had something to do with seriousness. What sort of realization does one have to act without seriousness?

ANSWER: For me it has been numerous and various realizations along the way, starting during my auditing on Grade 1 (Problems Release) back in 1976, and continuing with other auditing and study to this day, but basically embodying what I wrote in my answer.  What I wrote is not from a book, but from my own viewpoint.  It is, however mentioned in LRH books and lectures throughout Scientology.

For instance, from "Scientology: Fundamentals of Thought,"

"An individual has to be willing to be cause or willing to be an effect.  As far as games are concerned, this is reduced to a willingness to win and a willingness to lose.  People become afraid of defeat and afraid of failure."

And from "Scientology: A new Slant on Life"

"...bring about a return to the ability to play a game itself can become, again, a pleasant and happy thing."

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QUESTION: Willing to be cause only would be a very serious person. Managers? Lol. It sounds like having any impotance makes one serious. So is the secret then to desire nothing, or perhaps to have the idea you can always play it again? What else can you tell me about playfullness?

There are actually processes in Scientology specifically aimed at rehabilitating the ability to do things merely because they are fun or enjoyable, with no aim or purpose at all.  This alleviates seriousness and helps restore a person's spontaneity, speed of movement and level of energy.

There is another process to rehabilitate a person's ability to laugh, for any reason or for no reason at all, and it similarly blows off seriousness and can leave a person feeling much lighter and very relieved.

In the end, the most serious a person can be, is dead.  The most alive a person can be is completely without seriousness.

If you look at the Hubbard Chart of Human Attitudes, seriousness increases with the lowering of emotional tone.


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