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My question is  simple enough...

How can I get truthful news/info about this planet I live on?

I would like to be informed about what is going around me but I can't trust any sources. It is all so confusing and would like to get it sorted out.

Thank you.

That's tough.  The truth is often in well-researched books rather than in the news.  But that is not what IS going on, but rather what WAS going on. That said, I balance my sources between CNN, BBC, MSNBC, National Public Radio, Public Broadcasting, and a smattering of things like the New York Times and the LA times.  Even, dare I say it, Al Jazeera is pretty objective believe it or not.  The 1/2 hour program "Vice" is first-hand, no-agenda reporting - but it only covers two or at the best three stories per episode.

The trick is to have a grasp of the Data Series so that you can tell when you are being lied to (No need for this if you are watching Fox "News," because then you can simply rest assured you are being lied to), and when the coverage is slanted.  ALSO, strip out the emotion and value judgments from the coverage and focus on the facts.

Read science journals or articles from them, and look at the various topics on websites that specialize in science.

Your LOCAL news, while still of the "if it bleeds it leads" variety is also going to subject to a little less bias than cable news networks.

You may ask "Why MSNGC?  Aren't they 'liberal?'"  They do tend that direction.  However, they are also scrupulous about researching their underlying FACTS and trying to base their position on these, so if you can ignore the value judgments and focus on what actually happened, at least you will know what happened.  In terms of researching and verifying facts, public broadcasting in the US on both radio and TV, the BBC in the UK, and MSNBC, are the most rigorous.  None are 100% accurate.  That's where your Data Series comes in.  You have to know how to evaluate data to know what is logically consistent and what is not.


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