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Scientology/very rare symbol, possibly stargate



can you identify a symbol and tie it to an occult group,

its quite a mystery to me, i think its a stargate

This is a combination of several fairly well-known religious symbols.

It looks as though there are the Borromean rings behind a triangle, in which is a triquetra and finally a trefoil in the middle of that.  EACH of these symbols by itself has been used in Christianity to stand for the Holy Trinity (father, son, holy spirit).  Combined, they could just be an artist's attempt to really, strongly symbolize the trinity.

That said, each symbol has also been used other times and other places to symbolize things like eternity, body-mind-spirit, the "flower of life," past-present-future, man-God-nature, etc., etc., etc.

The symbol as a whole, in and of itself doesn't appear to be anything that any one group, sect or society gave any official recognition to and so, like I said, could just have been an artist's fancy.

Rather than "occult" chairs as they are represented to be, they could merely have been a very ornate dining set for a manor house (they have a family crest carved into the top of each back), into which the wood worker put some extra work making a very ornate decorative detail.


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