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There seems to be a form of thinking among certain people - that when they perceive that someone has wronged them, however slight  - they respond by attempting to do the exact same thing back to the other person. What is even more curious for me is that they seem to have adopted this method with the perception that there is wisdom and rightness in it, sometimes believing they are clever for this as well.

My question to you is: Is there rightness or wisdom to this, as they see it? Are they likely to accomplish something good or worthwhile?

Rational responses to behavior entail rewards for good behavior and penalties for bad behavior.  Penalties should be proportional, in that they take into account how grave the bad behavior was, but they also have to be of such scope and nature as to permit, even encourage, the bad actor to reform their behavior.  Economic sanctions in response to military destruction is an example of this.

Revenge is a whole different deal.  It looks like anger, but it's rooted in fear - fear of loss, fear of appearing weak, fear of harm, fear of death.  Unfortunately, revenge does not remedy harm, but rather multiplies it.


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