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l.ron hubbard once stated that power of ones own imagination can bring rewards.when one postulates in want for a decent girlfriend does he leave the postulates to work on it's own independantly as ones thoughts is the primal force of influence or does he need to go out there afterwards and dterminedly bring in cause aswell as ethics to make his wishes stick ...canyou please advise here   god bless arc  val

Well' if you want your shoe to be tied, you must tie it, no?  You can "postulate" that it is tied, but then you must follow through.  If you never get the idea of a tied shoe, then of course it will never happen.  Likewise, if you think of the shoe being tied, but then follow this up with all of the reasons why it can't be tied, so that you never bend over and tie it, it remains untied.  So you must BE a person who ties shoes, you must DO what shoe-tiers do, in order to HAVE the thing you postulated - a tied shoe.

To make matters worse, you are not the only person postulating in the girlfriend scenario.  Girls/women are postulating as well.  And another person is not a thing or a state of affairs that you can have.  It is a life unit with whom you can co-exist, co-act and co-create.  And if you wish to do so, you must be someone who does things and must have your own goals, purposes and desires, and know what they are, so that you can recognize when another person's beingness, doingness and havingness is aligned with, or can be aligned with, yours.  Then you might postulate "I am happy with someone who is happy with me" and then put your attention on bringing that state of affairs about - being alert for potential partners, paying attention to what women's qualities and interests are, COMMUNICATING with them, until someone who has the potential to be "the girlfriend," etc.

That's how it works.


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