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Hello.  I've been taking Scientology courses for a couple years now, and I've gotten definite benefits in being able to know myself, know what personal integrity is for me, and, sometimes, being able to create space and have a high level of confront.

I also am not happy with my physical appearance.  For a long time, that wasn't my experience.  Recently, I recognized that I avoid photographs and this is a highly charged subject for me.  I want to handle it.  I'm torn between thinking that this is something that I "should" handle through not being my body, rather than simply surgically or otherwise physically changing the things I don't like aesthetically.

As background, I've had reconstructive jaw surgery in the past, and some of the things I don't like are, I think, side effects of that surgery.

Do you think that cosmetic surgery is, in itself, low tone?  Do you have any other thoughts on this subject and my particular case?

The two most effective remedies for an "unattractive" appearance are a glowing personality and physical health/fitness/hygiene, neither of which are costly or hazardous to one's health.  The personality part can definitely be addressed by progress in Scientology.  Even health and fitness are addressed on the purif.

That said, if something otherwise distracting or off-putting can be easily addressed through cosmetic surgery, I don't see any strong reasons not to do it.  My personal opinion is that one would want to ENSURE any and all trauma - both physical and emotional - connected to the feature(s) is first cleared. so that one can be sure that one is not being self-conscious about an IMAGINED defect or one which literally no one who encounters them cares about.

I exempt from the above stance, various augmenting or body-molding surgeries which create a false picture of hereditary fitness or pretended youth.  I personally think these are almost universally a bad idea. (I've even been hired in my professional capacity in connection with instances where people have died following "vanity" surgeries - even "simple" and "routine" ones.)   People who pursue such avenues are almost certainly "being a body" which is, indeed, low in tone, low in awareness characteristics, and rather self-hating.  Hating the body and being the body.  What a deadly combination.

But to repair a traumatic deformity that is distracting to others?  Why the heck not?

A Scientologist will usually try to get any doctor who puts them under to work quietly or silently - minimum necessary chatter.


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