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Hey Laurie,

I have not spoken with you in a long time. I hope this find you well!

My question today is about Dan Winter's scientific work on immortality. I know you are pretty brilliant and I believe you are into physics too. I was wondering if you've heard of Dan Winter and his work on the physics of surviving death? If you haven't I will include a link at the bottom of this which you can look at if you want. Basically he says the key to surviving death (with memory intact) lies in understanding fractality and traveling through a black hole successfully. The guy sounds crazy and brilliant at the same time (like a lot of scientists do) and I like what he says but I feel like he may be over-simplifying a sort of complicated issue (even though travelling through a black hole doesn't sound very simple).

Do you believe that it's possible to handle the life and death cycle without auditing? He talks a lot about kundalini, chakras and about how there are beings (he calls them angels) the size of nebula who successfully survived death and evolved to a higher state (nebula) than man.

I'm not sure what to make of all this. I think there are factors which he is not considering at all (like between lives stuff and case in general) but I don't think non-Scientologists would naturally consider those things. He makes it sound like karma is not an issue as long as you know how to "navigate a plasma storm" which is what he calls surviving death. He makes it sound like his work is the biggest breakthrough in physics but I don't know why the world hasn't hailed him a hero yet. Could it be that society (or those in power) seek to prevent this kind of information from becoming mainstream or could it be that he simply hasn't made a gigantic scientific breakthrough. I don't know enough about physics to say wether he's right or wrong but I do think he's onto something. He says the architecture of a place/location/area influences the life force of the beings in that area and that is why Prague is built in the shape of a rose and Washington DC has that crazy geometry when viewed from above.

As a side question, what do you think about shamanic journeying? When those guys claim to goto the underworld and stuff are they really going there? I feel like people get so caught up in telling stories in a way that makes sense to them that they don't consider wether their stories are making sense to the listener. Dan does that a lot. He talks as though everyone in his audience is a scientist. He might make more sense to you than to me for that reason.

Not sure if you've considered any of this before. Dan Winter's theories about death are at least 4 or 5 years old but I don't know wether to call it a breakthrough or just another theory. Seems like everyone has their own theory on death and it's a little maddening trying to decide who's right.

Sorry to take to long to get back to you on this.

All of the fake physics strikes me as crackpottery.

Scientology theory concerning successive lives would be totally independent of physics, because you, the thetan, are without any physical attributes at all.  You are without mass, motion, wavelength, or position in space or time - which is why the loss of your body does not affect who or what you are.


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