Hey Laurie,

Have you ever heard of a rebirth-type experience happening to a Scientologist after SRD? The reason i ask is because some pretty huge changes have taken place since i finished it most notably i went from 265 pds to like 190 pds. I literally look and feel like a being that came out of another body that he was hiding in. Which is really not far from the truthat all but i didnt expect the change to be so dramatic with others apparaently in shock also judging by their looks
Someome even made a weird comment at work about it. Let me know if youve heard of this. I know Hubbard talks about homo novis in diantetics but that state is reached once one is clear right?

There are no end to the experiences happening to anyone who has completed any service.  Physical, mental, emotional changes kind of go with the territory.

You change your outlook, start practicing more survival/healthy habits, everything about you is bound to change.

Also, it is entirely possible to affect gene expression through environmental and self-driven factors.  This "affects DNA" in a manner that can, in theory, make someone seem like a different person.


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