Christopher Barnes wrote at 2014-08-21 17:03:14
Regarding the question of L. Ron Hubbard's conflicting statements about certain aspects of christianity, I can only mention that Hubbard was a senior member of the Ordo Templii Orientis in Pasadena for some three years and worked magical experiments with Jack Parsons. They fell out over a girl. Hubbard was always a showman and a maverick, but a rather well-read rouge that had a penchant for hypnotism and flim-flam. Money and especially gold was his weakness along with women and experimenting with drugs. He was genuine in that he did sincerely wish to find out the secrets behind how such an immortal being as us,  issuing from the 'Infinite Divine', ended up here on Earth in such a sorry state as mankind. It is true that Christianity was developed by the Roman's into a control mechanism and that 'Jesus' was a construct from earlier messiahs and 'sons of god'. (Read your ancient history). However, Hubbard did believe that we could work towards attaining our spiritual heritage again. It was just that he did not have all the answers and he chose to go after power and money before spiritual freedom. LRH basically wrecked himself upon the rocks of his own ego. One must first of all be clean oneself before trying to save your fellows from their own failings.  Never mistake the messenger for the message.  The Divine Realms will always seek to send the same Message every time we lose our way, but it arrives in a different form each time and often filtered through the human psyche, and as such, inevitably tainted.  Remember that the simple expediency of 'reverse psychology' often achieves result when calm education fails.  Maybe we have to experience Hades before we can appreciate Heaven.  Heaven is a construct from even before Sumerian Times. Read about Enlil and Enki and Eannu. One sees that christianity does not hold the original patent on holy scripture or practice. When Man is able to accept that he and god are not separate or indivisible, then one will start to understand why we feel we always need a messiah or Son of God.  We are simply the Children of God, but we cannot comprehend yet what that means. Death is a dark deception and reality is not singular. We simply ARE, DO and HAVE and NOT BE, NOT DO and NOT misquote Hubbard in 'The Axioms.  Eternity is just that...infinite. Consciousness is that which experiences it and grows to merge into the Oneness of Divine Bliss. Heaven, not a place, but a state of ultimate being. Hubbard knew this, so did Buddha and the Dalai Lama and every single Poet or Artist, but they realised that we were generally not ready to understand this simple fact yet. And so we continue to fight and kill each other over semantics. END. CJB.  


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