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Bernard Granger wrote at 2008-03-05 23:07:38
Saw this B movie late 50's I believe, was a rocket circling the earth incinerating everything under it's orbit. Not sure how it ended but some people survived the deadly rays, lol as in all b movies, sorry that I can't help with the title though.....

mch60 wrote at 2011-04-04 14:09:39
I do not believe it is Earth vs the Flying Saucers.  I do remember as part of the plot the military/scientists used a prototype missle called Jobe, I believe, to destroy the alien craft.  Definitely a b/w film from mid/late 50s I think.  Do not remember the title.

Fred-Nick wrote at 2013-06-01 09:30:02
I have been looking for this same movie. It was only one great big ship and it looked like a standard rocket ship but it was huge. It was in the earth's atmosphere and travelled very fast hence the heat wave. If you saw it in the distance, it was too late to get out of its path of destruction. It ended like a clifhanger as a rocket was approaching it head-on since they couldn't catch it any other way. It's orbit changed slightly and would eventually go over the Whitehouse.

Don't post this. I just wanted to give you a little more info about the movie.  

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