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robo bug  
Hello, I have memories of an animated film that aired on television when I was probably 8 or 9 years old. I'm guessing I saw it around 1990, but in my memory the animation looked older than that. (80's or possibly late 70's). I remember taping it on VHS back then, but I've no idea the name or even the channel we watched it on.

It was a science fiction/futuristic setting, and the most distinct thing was one of the characters...a small metallic man shaped kind of like a bowling pin, with beetle-like wings enclosing his body. He had a very LONG skinny nose. The wings would open up and spin around his torso, so he could fly like some kind of a helicopter bug. I have included a doodle of him.

I remember the story being some kind of military conflict on a planet, and at one point someone is killed when assaulting a machine gun or bunker of some kind. I don't recall any Mecha or giant robots of any kind being in the film. I'm 80% sure it was a film and not a series.

That weird little beetle bot man is the key, and I can't find anything after searching and searching. I have been assuming it was a dubbed Japanese anime, but after poring over them for hours and hours and finding nothing, I am wondering if it might be american after all, or even a french dub.

Any clues would be helpful.

Hi James

Il était une fois… l’Espace 1982

(English: Once Upon a Time… Space)


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