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QUESTION: Couple of Sunday Matinee WGN shows I am trying to remember titles for
1) A boy looses his father to an alien being that takes him over, theres a scene where a reporter or investigator sticks his fingerinto a lamp to electorcute himself to prevent the alien from getting him, the kdis father carries a strange black radio that the kid finds on a book shelf and it hurts the kid and his dad finds him and gest mad at him for messing with it. There is some scene where the man is at Hoover dam doing something with the electricity, there is a scene at the end that shows the 2 robot looking aleins in thier ship that is the desert, they had big flashy bulbous glowing flashlight eyes...

2) A strange film about a cult (70s-80s) that people in a town start to join, only memorable scene I have is the end where there is a large boiler/metalic like room everyone goes into and they shut the door, a women is trying to fight a man from shutting the door and then he shuts her and teh rest in side while laughing and I remembe rher saying something like it is too late or maybe I dreamed it boyfriend/husband is locked outside everything goes dark, large humming sounds starts and there is a portal window on the metal boiler looking room and it turns bright white and then i rmeber the credits rolling as the camera walks backwards away from the boiler looking chamber as smoke comes out of in the wind and the credits are rolling! Like they were inceinerated or taken away by aliens or something, it was one of those shows they left you wodnering what happened.

3) 70's-80's sci-fi show, very sketchy, one scene there is a dark moutain range and man is riding a horse along a fence line trying to escape a huge redish glowing robot/mech/monster/ghost image, anotehr scene is a court yard with green mist and small floating space craft like object that looks liek an advanced space shuttle toy and there is an egyptian looking Obelisk in this court yard, there is a belive a young child and a family at this house and all sorts of wierd stuff is going on with interdimensioanl stuff.

4) Another Sunday Matinee like sci-fi flick where a man has a huge blaster laser on his arm Blasterman or something I think it was.

Thanks if you can help any!

ANSWER: The first movie maybe "Invaders from Mars" (1953) and there was a remake too (1986)

Still working on #2 or #3, anything else you can tell me about them would be helpful. Both these sound familiar.

As for the last one #4, was it an animated series, as it sounds like "Mega Man", there was also another show called "Android Kikaider" What colour was the man dressed in?

Best wishes

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I found the answer to my 4th question, it was Laserblast, picked through a few more of the questions on here and happed to find some one else's answer.

1st is definitely not Invaders from Mars the 53 or the later 80s remake, it was not of that quality of a movie. The aliens were more like Juke Boxes with big white headlight like eyes in full alien view, the man definitely had a 70's style clothing on and the scene where the guy sticks his finger in the lamp socket the alien has white glowing eyes and looks like a jagged electrical being, the shock prevents the alien from entering his body. that is all I can recollect on that one other than what i have described.

3 was very vague memory that is all I can come up with!

But keep trying and thank you!

ANSWER: Laserblast of course, with Kim Milford.
Should have clicked when you said the big arm gun.

Still working on others

Could Number #2 be "The Devils Rain"(1975)?

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: #2 is not the devil's rain, seen that movie recently and it is not what i was looking for. It may have been an very early 80s movie now that I try and place it, remeber it on TV around the time "V" was on or shortly after whe "V: aired. It is not Strnage Invaders (was not alien to that extreme, even though the end alluded to alien cult worship as a posisble reason for the boiler room, no alines I recall where ever really shown in the movie, but I really think the people all died in a mass cult suicide like the Haley-Bop comt cult in modern times, burned up in the furnace/boiler and there was nothing left inside when the man looked in to it, I think...). It may have only been a TV show and not an actual movie. I believe I recall a town meeting in a large white gazzebo (spelling?) shorlty before eveyone decides to join up with the cult's leader and for some reason I feel everyone was wearing white clothing (main female actor, wife or girlfriend of the guy who is left outside the boiler/furnace room thing at the end who does not belive in the cult) was in a  long white dress I think?
Question #3 had stop motion animation like the monsters did in laserblast as I remember Dionosaur like creatues like those alines that the guy shoots in the laserblast movie trailer on IMDB.

I'm wondering if it could have been an episode of Tilight Zone or Outer Limits etc... sounds like one of those anthology type shows.

I have all the Twilight Zone and Outter Limits on DVD, I will have look through some of the stories on them for you see what I find.

You mean the TV series V: aka Visitors (Alien Reptilian humanoids that had human disguises and ate small animals)? That was around 1984 -85.

#3 sounds a lot like the works of Shotaro Ishinomori. Shows like Android Kikaider etc, had all manner of strange monsters and creatures based on animals. Many were rather b-grade looking beasts,  but classics in their own right.

Will keep looking.


#1 = "The Aliens Are Coming" (1980)

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