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I saw a movie back in the early 80's, (maybe 83/84), that I believe was made for TV. It was a sci-fi sports film , took place in the future. The plot centered around a game, similar to hockey, but the sticks they used had blades on both ends. the main character was a veteran in the league, set in his own ways. One of the rival teams was developing a exo-skeleton suit that would increase the speed/strength/skill of the player wearing it. In the end the veteran has to take on the guy in the suit and they battle it out, of course the veteran is the winner. The only other thing I remember is that he was given a new helmet to wear, something that was supposed to improve his accuracy. He ditched it in the end though going back to his old standard helmet. Minor detail but I thought I'd add it anyway.

Now It's been about 25 years, so I'm sure some details may be off slightly. To be honest, I could have dreamed the whole thing and my brain has now morphed it into something I've mistaken as a real memory. Through a change conversation about 15 years ago a friend told he he thought he remembered it too though, so I'm pretty sure it really happened. He even thought that it was called "The Breeds". He could have just been BS'n me though.

Hello Joe

There is a TV movie called "Futuresport" (1998) Dean Cain

It was "inspired by the classic "Rollerball"(1975) Norman Jewison

(which was remade: "Rollerball 2002" John McTiernan)

Similar films:

Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome  (1985, George Ogilvie, George Miller)    
The Running Man  (1987, Paul Michael Glaser)  
The Blood of Heroes (1989)
Hope this helped.


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