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Plot: plane lands in the tropics (South America?), passengers disembark, but are confused as to where they are or they got there. They are welcomed at a lodge or hotel. They start to notice that they are dressed unconventionally (one woman is in her nightie) and over time start to recall what happened before the air plane ride. It turns out they had died, at least some, if not all, by suicide. They come to terms with this, and one couple fall in love. I believe he killed himself to get away from his wife. They start planning their future.

The next plane arrives and the man's wife is on it and she starts hugging and kissing him - she killed herself because she couldn't live without him.

Saw this in the mod-1970s, possibly as late as 1977, on a black & white TV, but I presume it was in color. English language.

Don't recall any of the actors. I think it was made for TV.

What is the name of the movie?

I'm a big fan of your answers, but realise purgatory films may be outside your field.

Ian, I'm pretty sure the film you recall is the 1972 TV movie "Haunts of the Very Rich," which was a version of an earlier film (and play) called "Outward Bound" (and also has some similarities to the TV show "Fantasy Island"). The plot description came the closest of the films I looked at from the time period, with seven people on a plane going to a resort, but not sure why they are there. The only difference was that they weren't dressed that unusual. But there is a twist at the end, which includes one character's wife showing up, and also the revelation of the fact they are all dead. Produced by Aaron Spelling as the "ABC Movie of the Week," it starred several TV actors well known at the time, including Lloyd Bridges, Ed Asner, Cloris Leachman, Anne Francis, Robert Reed and Donna Mills.  You can review the details here:

It is no longer available to purchase--apparently a VHS copy did exist and there may be some Hused copies around on Amazon or EBay. However, you can find the full film on YouTube. Not great quality, but you can view it to see if it is the one you remembered:

I hope this is the film you recall; if not, I'm sorry I could not be of more help.

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