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Thanks for your help in advance. I remember a series shown in the early 80s in the UK on a Saturday morning. It was centered around a silver spaceship and featured, in the first episode, the destruction of a base on Pluto. There was a younger male character together with a grey/black haired scientist who also created the spaceship.

Occasionally a mysterious flying space galleon would appear and, in addition, the spaceship would morph into a transformer like fighting droid.

It was puppet base with not so great special effects.

Any thoughts?

Paras Jethwa

Hi there.

My off-hand guess is "Galaxy Express 999" (a.k.a. Ginge Three-Nine), which seems to fit the time and the description.

Here's a list of the show's incarnations:

Let me know if this is not the one; then I'll dig deeper.

- Tue Sorensen

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