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Hi, Kerry: I am writing a story about exotic money/payment systems from science fiction. Could you possibly suggest a few? Thank you!

Hello Jay

One of my favourite Sci-fi films to use a fictional financial system was in the film "In Time " (2011) (a film that uses the concept of 'time is money')

"In the year 2169, genetic alteration has allowed humanity to stop aging physically at 25. Once one turns 25, the clock implanted in their forearms, starts counting down from 1 year. "Living time" has also replaced the world currency systems, allowing individuals to buy services and products with their "Living time"; When this clock reaches zero, one dies. The film focuses on two "Time Zones": Dayton, a poor zone where almost all live on day-to-day and are stingy with their money and where many die in the district daily and; New Grenich, where the extremely wealthy citizens enjoy the benefits of youth and wealth as well as an abundance of body guards to protect their time." - Wikipedia

In "Starship Troopers" (1997) there is a special payment of "privileges"-
In the Federation citizenship is not a birthright, but a privilege earned by those who serve society through such activities as military service; citizens are granted many opportunities prohibited to non-citizens

There is also an interesting, (comical almost) political and financial system used in the film "Demolition Man" (1993)

Here is a Wikipedia page of fictional currencies:

Here is a page on Fictional Currencies:

(This page should lead you to further fiction)

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I hope this has been of some help to you.



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