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QUESTION: I'm trying to track down a movie I saw years ago on TV. In it a race of robots invade earth. They camp out in caves but the most memorable thing is that the folks who made the movie used voices played backwards (in reverse) for the robots. I'd love to find this movie as it is one of the few I remember seeing as a kid . . . even thought it was admittedly an awful movie.

ANSWER: Hello Steve

Can I ask you what year you saw this? And can you describe the robots please?



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QUESTION: I'm sure I saw it in the late 60's or early 70's on TV but I remember it from the 50's in the theater. It was one of the Saturday morning double feature scifi films at a theater near my home. Rodan was another film from those days. I went to a double scifi feature one Saturday a month. The other weekends featured westerns and other kid fare. The robots were people in metallic, squarish suits, more like arms and legs of stovepipe and round heads with flat tops. I remember they invaded earth and set up camp in caves (probably near Los Angeles). When the spoke to each other it was literally human speech played backwards. I recently retired from the entertainment industry and I've always wished I could find the film again so I could try playing their speech backwards (really forwards) and see what the actors were actually saying. I've tried searching for "50's robot movies", reverse and backwards speech, etc. All to no avail. I stumbled on your website and thought I'd take a shot.

Hi Steve

Well you came to the right place,your shot paid off because that's all the extra data I needed to know. :)

This is the film "Target Earth" (1954)

The film's plot:

Alien Robots from Venus have established a beachhead base north of the city (as you said, near Los Angeles)to prepare for an invasion. Although there were supposedly many threatening robots, only one was visible in the film, because only one robot suit was used for the whole film.

I hope this has helped.



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