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I saw it on TV more than 20 years ago. Just like all barbarian movies, it's set in a "fantasy age" (or dimension, anyway...). The evil queen orders thqt all males be enslaved in her "queendom." The hero who's supposed to be part of the rebellion got arrested and was brought to the castle. The queen (quite a fatso) was enamoured by the man and had him brought to her private chambers. But when she took off her clothes, the hero started laughing. "Why?!" the queen asked, starting to cover herself. It turns out that the queen had a penis -- she's a he -- and s/he says, "I was brought up this way!"

The movie is apparently a B movie. Maybe made during the 80s or late 70s. What's the nam of this movie because I'd like to search for it and watch it again? (I distinctly remember the furnuture in the queen's chamers resembling sexual body parts.)

Thanks for your help.

Geo, this is a little known Argentine movie from 1987 called "Stormquest."  From what little I could discover about it, this film is considered to be pretty bad even by those who like bad sword and sorcery type films, but that doesn't stop some from enjoying it. You can read about the cast and some other facts at the Internet Movie Data Base:

In terms of finding a copy, you can try the following website (which also has some photos of the film): which links to (where you can find a VHS copy; or you can go directly to:

There may be other sources for obtaining the film You also can find some clips and a trailer on YouTube--good luck in tracking down a copy!

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