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Hey Brother i have been looking for years for the title to a movie I saw when I was younger. I hope you can help me out !

I saw this on tv many years ago. maybe the Syfy channel ? I dont remember.

All I remember was there where these weird hominoid bat demon creatures that flew over a car, I think an old pickup truck with a couple driving somewhere out west at night.

Later I remember they looked to a local native American, who knew what they were.

I looked up native American legends and folklore and sure enough they do have a legend. The creatures name from what I can find is called a Thunderbird.

Looking this up on line without getting 20 car results is difficult.

Anyway I remember the native American found a full skeleton in the upright position inside an outhouse/shed.

I also know they found there nesting grounds in a big maze of caves.

I don't remember the ending or anything else in between but I know it was either made in the late 70's or the early 80's

I hope you can help me with this movie. I appreciate your time and effort. Let me know ANYTHING you can find. Thanks again.

Hi Sean,

I haven't seen this movie myself, but here are some possible candidates:

The Bat People (1974)
Nightwing (1979)
The Strangeness (1985)

The sci-fi movie Lifeforce (1985) also has bat creature in a giant cave, although that is aboard a spaceship, and I don't think there's anything about a Native American. My best bet of the above is Nightwing - but if none of those are the right movie, let me know and I will do some more digging.

- Tue Sorensen

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