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Can't remember whether she kills anyone just the she has a relation with a man who at first is intrigued by how she can change from one woman to another but he later is put off by the idea and wants her to remain one woman. A great deal of it is set in her landed space craft where there isn't a lot of room and is quite dark. I saw it around 2001 on vhs I think it was probably made in the 90s rather than the 80s. Sorry for the lack of information that's all I remember.

Thanks for the help.

Hi Harry,

I think we're in luck: I believe the movie you're looking for is "Dead Weekend" with Stephen Baldwin; a little known 1995 television movie:

The user review section at IMDb even has a comment from the director, Amos Poe! :-)

If this is not the movie, my only other guess is "Decoys" from 2004.

- Tue Sorensen

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