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Scifi Movies/need names for 3 sci fi 80s films.


I'v been trying track down 3 films from the 80s all scifi some help would be great. what I remember from the first one is the main actor has long blonde hair, he is on a cargo space ship and discovers the cargo is a shipment of fembot like androids (do not look robotic or anything) and he helps them to try an escape someone or thing.
Second film is about a bounty who hunts aliens and who comes to earth to capture or hunt some, later in the film he reveals he is an alien himself.
Third film Is about a female alien who comes to earth to find a mate, she has the ability to transform into any woman she wants so for the man she encounters is like he is always with a different woman.


In that order;

No idea, sorry.

Sounds like the film I Come In Peace (I think it has an alternate title on the DVD), but there may have been more than one film with that premise in that decade. I think The Hidden and The Hidden 2 might also fit your bill. Not much help, giving you three titles, but hopefully it still helps.

Finally, like above there are several movies with that type of plot, but I'm blanking on any of the names. Again, sorry.

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