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I am looking for a short (20-25 minutes) sci-fi/fantasy film dating from the end of the 70s/beginning of the 80s.

The plot was a bout a group (tribe) of people who live underground and their lifespan is only one week (the first day a man is a baby, at the seventh day he is an old man). They have a prophecy saying that if someone succeeds in the course of his life (one week time-frame) to break to the surface and send sunlight to his people, they will have a normal life and he will get 10,000 days of life on the surface.
The people prepare a young boy and send him off to the surface. The trip is full of traps one including the boy having to jump over a cliff and holding onto withdrawing bridge. At the end, the boy who has by then grown into young man must defeat an apelike creature in a sort of laser chess game.

The film ends with the adult and fully bearded man breaking into surface and sending the light through a system of mirrors back to his people. He looks around him at the sky, grass, trees, and animals and asks himself which of the 10,000 days will be the most beautiful answering to his own question by exclaiming “Every day, every hour, every minute!”

Hello Sedi

The (30 mins) short film you are looking for is called "Quest" (1982)

Directed by: Elaine & Saul Brass

Written by: Ray Bradbury (from his story "Frost and Fire")

Starring: Dave Abbott, John Comfort and Sam Fontana

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It is available to buy here:

More about it here (2nd film reviewed on page):

I hope this helped.



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