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I saw this movie in the 80's about some high school kids who find a machine under an airplane junkyard they take it to there science teacher who turns it on and I thank from there it tries to take over the world. The only other thing I can remember is that there was a cool car in it with a super charger sticking out of the hood. What is the name of this movie and were can I find it?

Nick, it took me awhile to track down this title, but the film you are looking for is the 1985 film "My Science Project." The plot basically is that teenager named Michael, who is more into cars than school, must come up with a science project quickly or fail. He and a friend break into an Air Force junkyard where they discover a strange glowing orb which absorbs electricity. They take it to their science teacher who turns it on, then is sent into another dimension. At that point the orb creates a time rift, releasing all types of creatures into the high school that Michael and his friends must battle, while also trying a way to shut off the orb (and save the world). The cool car appears to have been a GTO, a classic "muscle care" of the time.  Several DVD copies are available at various prices from You can read all about it here:  

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