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I am seeking the title of a movie I saw on TV years ago. The entire movie takes place in a darkened, several story, warehouse and it features a man, and later is joined by a woman, who is being pursued by numerous creatures. These men-like creatures each have a gold chain around their neck which, when pulled and broken, cause the creature to disappear into an suspended state for a period of time. Eventually their suspended state comes to an end and they reappear. The human man has a mechanical hand and each finder is a plug-in vacuum tube. These fingers have increasing amounts of knowledge but the creatures have most of the fingers which he eventually manages to get and plug into his hand.

In the end, the man gets all his fingers and his hand can now answer his questions about where are all the other people? The answer is they have been miniaturized and spun onto a copper wire which has been placed inside his third finger.

Hi Judy

This was actually an episode of the TV series The Outer Limits.

(Season 2, Episode 5) The episode was called "The Demon with a Glass Hand" (1964)

The creatures are humanoid aliens called the Kyben from  the future like Trent (the main character). The medallions on the creatures allow them to exist in the past as long as they are wearing them.
When Trent gets all his fingers together it activates the computer revealing to him that he is in fact a robot sent back to save mankind in a thousand years time.

There are rumours that this episode is going to be made in to a film soon. Lets' hope so.

Hope this has helped.



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