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Hi Kerry!
I saw your very good answer at
so you are my expert of choice!

For years I am looking for an animated science fiction cartoon I saw more then 10 (maybe 15) years ago. I google really hard with all kinds of key words, but I just could not find it... I really hope you can help me.
I think I didn't see much of the movie and I can only remember one scene, but it burned into my brain and I think it is very characteristic. I knowmy memory is very vague but it is worth a try...

I am quite sure that it was not made for children, because of the strange and irritating atmosphere. I can remember that there was a crew (of a space ship?) and some kind of hole or abyss. This hole is kind of alive and needs pure souls. Usually somehow people with "pure souls" are thrown into the hole. The specific scene I can remember is at the end of the movie. In this scene a female member of the crew, which apparently did some bad things in the movie, sacrifices herself to safe the rest of the crew. She jumped into this hole and because she doesn't have a pure soul this first irritates and then "kills" this mysterious hole.

Thank you very much for your help,

Hello Christopher

I would like to look into this for you and go through some of my sci-fi animated lists but I just wanted to make sure it is definitely a film we are looking for?

The plot does remind me of the animated film series "Bleach" (based on the Japanese anime TV series)which were in the early 2000s.

I will dig a little deeper for you and see what I can find.



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