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This will be a tough one.

I'm catching up on sci-fi (and horror) movies lately that I've never seen, as well as rewatching some oldies that I have seen.
I've managed to find every other title to catch up on (or rewatch), but this one has me completely stumped, and I've been trying to find it for years.

There is one particular film, about which everything except one scene eludes my memory (which is usually quite good).

I'm pretty sure the movie is 60's-70's, but I haven't come across it while viewing all the movies I can find from the wiki list of sci-fi films from those eras.

It could be B&W or color -- it's been so long I'm not sure anymore, though I'm leaning toward B&W.

The scene in question has 3 (I think) astronauts, in their space suits, walking a straight, cleared, unpaved path (as I recall it's gravel of a sort) on a distant world (or different time?).
They discover that, lining their route, is an invisible force field which cannot be penetrated nor gotten around (or over).  If memory serves, they discover this when one of them goes off left, even though the path keeps going straight.  In other words, they are likely being directed straight and cannot stray from the path.

That's it.  I don't recall the actors, the production company, the director or anything else about it.

I thought I was onto something as I rewatched the old Twilight Zone episode "Elegy" with Jeff Morrow; but nope, that wasn't it.  

I'm pretty sure this was, in fact, a scene from a feature film.

Sorry, I know your preference is robots, but I don't recall any robots, androids or even any other machinery from this particular flick -- though there could certainly be one or more in it.

Thanks and I hope you can solve this long-standing mystery,


I don't know this off hand but I will have a search through some film lists I have and and come up with some titles for you aswell as some episodes from sci-fi anthology shows like The Twilight Zone and Outer limits. I will get back to you when I have some.



---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------


To spare you some effort and hopefully help narrow it down a bit in researching plot synopses:

I recently rewatched all 5 seasons of the 60's TZ and it is not among those episodes.  I've seen the subsequent TZ revivals and am 99% it isn't among those.

I've seen the classic OL eps numerous times (revival OL eps several times each); 100% certain it isn't the classic OL and 90% sure about the revival OL (it's been a while since I've seen the later series).

I'm about 90% confident it's a cinema feature film (i.e., not made for tv), most likely a B-grade flick -- I know for a fact that I didn't see it at a drive-in or on cable.

Hi I also found this link that maybe useful. It has a few older early b&w space films that might be worth a look at.


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