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Why do we need a Matrix?  I'm not talking about Matrix the movie.  I'm talking about Matrix the idea, the idea inside the movie.  If the computers feed off of people energy while they're asleep then why create The Matrix at all?  Why not just let them dream, or make them brain dead, or lobotomize them or something?

Hi Avi

That is a good question. I guess we all perceive the machines as the bad guys in the film and therefore the option for mankind seems logical, however what if the machines are not evil and they only want to exist and this is the best possible outcome for mankind they could come up with without resorting to your solution. Maybe they just want to exist but will do whatever is needed to also survive. Some of the machines or programs in the matrix seem to care or help the humans

In a way they have let them just dream, but the Matrix has allowed them to study our minds better and also monitor any anomalies that could cause problems with the whole process.

Perhaps their own sentience is also stimulated by the minds of mankind, as the machines were once tools to be used by mankind now the humans are the tools to power the machines and co-exist.

I think the state of the body would keep and perform better in it's most active state and it seems they are using " processing power" from the mind rather electrical from the body. In a comatose state the brain will probably break down more than if the body was behaving as if it were still functioning from day to day in the usual way. Maybe they tried other options and this was the best.

Another question is why not use animals instead? That's why I think they need to be inside our minds for some reason.

Also it fits conveniently in to the plot ofcourse.



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