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Why do we need a Matrix?  I'm not talking about Matrix the movie.  I'm talking about Matrix the idea, the idea inside the movie.  If the computers feed off of people energy while they're asleep then why create The Matrix at all?  Why not just let them dream, or make them brain-dead, or something?

Hello Avi,

The point of the movie is that the people ARE dreaming. They are dreaming about a world that looks like ours, but in reality is a future dystopia which is so bleak that most people would rather want to live in the dream world. The message of the movie is that we, out here in the real world, are doing something of the same. We are ignoring a lot of suffering and hardship in the world because we prefer our world to be safe and free and all right. But in fact we are oppressed by a capitalist system which doesn't allow us much freedom or education, or even democracy. The capitalist system is run by greedy profiteers who pay off the politicians to do their bidding. The movie is trying to alert us to this fact, so we can educate ourselves about how the world actually works and begin to work together to create a better one, free from greed and corruption.

Does this answer your question?

- Tue Sorensen

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