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QUESTION: I remember seeing an interesting android movie in the early eighties. Trying to find it but to no avail. Interested to hear any ideas.

Set in 'modern day'. Scientist invent robot that learns for itself. Looks like normal adult male. It escapes and goes on the run. Eventually it absorbs all the worlds knowlege and can look after itself. Military wants it back for a weapon.

Was a pilot for a tv series that was never made. Around the same time as Greatest American Hero. I remember reading an interview with Juanita Bartlett in some scifi magazine, she said ABC was doing a lot of things and just couldn't pick it up for a series.

Lead actor was a bit taller than average, played a lot of small parts on TV, I think he was a red-head type, very fair skin


Short Circuit was made in 1986 and there was a film with an android called

"Not Quite Human" (1987) Not sure if it was this but if not I will check through my lists again.



Revised:   Hi Greg, what about the film "Prototype" (1983)?

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Not a question, I finally found the answer.

It was the Questor Tapes (1974). Actor was Robert Foxworth. Apparently the movie was a bit older than i thought.

Prototype does look like a movie i might see if i can find on Netflix.

thx for the efforts.

Ah The Questor Tapes yes,I should have suggested it, by Gene Roddenberry. I answered that for others a few times before too but I was looking for a movie in the 80's but I know it is hard to pin point the dates of films if you don't know when they are made.

The pilot was to be the start of a 13 episode TV series.

Apparently the Questor android was the inspiration for  Gene Roddenberry when he later created Data for Star Trek: TNG. There is plans to  remake it as the TV series.

Always here to help if I can.

Take care.



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