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I need help finding the title of a certain film, not sure if it can be classified as Sci-Fi or Horror, actually.

I don't remember much except the ending of the film in which a man and a woman are in a cave holding hands and the film goes into a sort of a timelapse during which they grow old and eventually turn into skeletons...

I am also not certain about the date of production, but I remember seeing it as a kid in the eighties.

Many thanks in advance,
Sedi Madro

Hello Sedi

There is not a lot to go on here. It does sound vaguely familiar but I am not sure. If you could remember some more details like actors or other scenes? I think I recall a film where a couple were on the run from a group of people or something was after them. They were outcasts I think. Might be something completely different. Any way I will dig a bit deeper and if I find anything I will get back to you.



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