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I am trying to remember and obtain a scifi movie probably made in the 1950's or so. It involved a starship travelling at relativistic speeds which left some people behind on a small planet probably the Earth. It took them about three months their time to turn the ship around and return for their people but twenty years went by on the planet. By then only a woman who had been a young girl originally and her son who had been born on the planet were left alive. When the ship returns the woman's best friend from the ship who is still young falls in love with the young man who by now is a warrior able to survive the hazards of the hostile planet. The two young people end up staying on the planet and I am not sure if they are meant to be Adam and Eve.

Hello Gary,

That's a tough one - when did you see it? Was it color or black&white? American, English or foreign? Could it have been an episode of a TV show? Any info will be helpful. Let me know, and I will try to find out for you.

- Tue Sorensen

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