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I need help on identifying an late 70's or 80's sci-fi cartoon movie. The only things I remember it was that the main "hero" character wore eyeglasses and had orange spacesuit? And then I have this name captain Keiko in my head which I'm not sure is accurate and I remember feeling anxied when watching the scene which had weird space flowers and orange kinda colour landscape and the characters were possibly escaping from something and trying to hurry into a spaceship. It was not anime styled but more in the vein he-man is drawn. Tried googling like hell but cant find a match and this was a library Vhs tape I watched in late 80's/early 90's, any help would be appreciated

Hi Jake

Can You remember the description of any of the other characters or plot details? Can you recall what the ship looked like? In the meantime I will go through a list of cartoon films from the 70s and 80s and get back to you if I locate it.



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