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ok I saw a film where a couple of people whent to a cave where they send a guy into the cave lake the line to him starts to pull and become irratic they pull him up remove his mask his face is heavily distorted the only thing I remember after that a crook is inside a home to rob or something and a blob type creature gets him on a staircase in front of the hole family being robbed, and in sequential scenes shows him disintegrating in stages the most horrific scene ive ever seen I'm 61 I cant find anything in lists that sound like it but I cant remember much else thx roger Hoagland

Dear Roger: This plot description best fits the Italian/Mexican horror film "Caltiki, the Immortal Monster," made in 1959 but released in the U.S. in 1960. Often shown on television in the 1960s, the film is a variation of the typical blob creature-feature that was made during that time period. It is set in Mexico as archeologists try to discover what killed off the Mayans. As several investigate some ruins in a cave with a lake, they discover the creature (as well as some treasure). They bring back part of it and then disaster occurs. It apparently is a cult horror film --commenters on the Internet Movie Base note that it was very scary to them when they saw it as children, especially how the monster disintegrated its victims. The IMDB link is here:

You also can read more about it here:

Apparently the whole film also is available via YouTube (along with many trailers), so you can see if this is indeed the film you recall (the copy, unfortunately, is not very good):

You can also find a copy on Amazon:

I hope this answers your questions and this is, indeed, the film title you are looking for!

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