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QUESTION: I know this isn't directly about sci-fi movies, but what is your favorite movie of 2016 so far

ANSWER: Hello Avi

I have been to quite a few films at the cinema this year and I must say I have seen a few I like a lot, with a lot more to come like Doctor Strange and Rogue Oneetc.

I am huge Marvel Fan so I am going to have to go with one of their films, not because of being a Marvel fan but because I think they have stole 2016 so far.

While there were some films I did enjoy other than superhero films like "The BFG", have some nice imagery and humour.

"Jason Bourne" was okay, though it didn't deviate from it's usual plot it was good to see Matt Damon back again in the role.

One of the biggest disappointments was "Independence Day 2". After seeing it I realised why I always thought a sequel was a mistake. I didn't even bother with the Ghost Busters remake.

Another film that I kind of was disappointed with that I had high hopes for was 'Midnight special"

"Deadpool" was brilliant!! I loved everything about the film. They got it right this time!

Really liked the "X-Men: Age of Apocalypses"

I loved Suicide Squad. Finally DC got it right for once. Great characters, soundtrack and action!

Enjoyed "Star Trek Beyond", it was fun. "Shallows' was was okay without being brilliant but another Jaws type film and "Light's Out" was creepy enough.

My biggest let down I think was "Batman Vs Superman" Ben Affleck was the only redeeming thing in the film. Yay finally a Batman who fights like Batman! The reasons I was disappointed are to much to list here.

"Tarzan", "Jungle Book" and "Warcraft" were all very good I though. "TMNTs" not so much.

But, the movie I love the most in 2016 was: "Captain America: Civil War"

It had the usual great fight scenes! Black Panther was awesome! The tension between Cap and Stark was intense and compelling! Spider-man where he belongs with the MCU. I loved this film!

I plan to see "Pete's Dragon" and am looking forward to seeing "The Magnificent Seven".

Anyway sorry to drag this out but I felt I should mention these other films.

So Top 5 for me is:

"Captain America:Civil War"


"Suicide Squad"

"X-Men: Age of Apocalypse"

"Jungle Book"

Thanks for reading, regards


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QUESTION: Responding to one thing you said.  The Ghostbusters remake is really average, so forgettable and all this hate and love was really not worth it for just a meh movie

ANSWER: Well I couldn't justify my time and money on it to be honest. I think some films should just be left alone instead of remakes that reach into the credibility of the originals just to capitalise on it for money.

I don't feel the need to jump of the bandwagon and make a big deal out of it though by hating on it. I will probably watch it when it comes on TV. I loved the original Ghostbusters when it came out.

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QUESTION: Ok, understood, but let's start a conversation, not to be rude, but most of the films you mentioned whether good or bad are unoriginal, I don't get why people were upset with Ghostbusters being a remake when there have been remakes before and so many people wanted a Ghostbusters 3

Personally I don't really care what's original or not. Most of daily life is unoriginal to me. I watch a movie to be entertained. I have no problem with remakes, just bad remakes, or remakes of films that are bad, pointless or bland. I personally believe some films should just be left alone or not even have sequels. Some sequels turn out okay though like with Alien and Aliens or Terminator and Terminator 2. Equally some remakes work like I feel Star Trek did to a degree and ofcourse the many Marvel films and so on. I would have been happy with just a Ghost Busters 1. But if they are going to remake films atleast improve on things not just shove it out for quick cash.

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