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Caitlin wrote at 2007-10-03 02:50:13
I remember this, so that argues that it at least aired sometime. In the TV series you mention with the life extending drug the jewels were in their upper chests.

Tim wrote at 2008-11-15 01:03:54
I'm also looking for this movie.  I found your post while searching for the same movie.  I saw the movie as a kid and later on assumed it was Logan's Run.  It's definitely not Logan's Run though.  This is a very different movie and so far I haven't been able to track it down.

Goomee wrote at 2008-11-26 09:17:38
This is crazy, I have been dreaming of this movie in my head since 1994. I remember it vaguely, because I was only ten years old. But for some reason every now and then, I wonder what it is. I looked it up on google, and found this page after trying to word something on the lines of a jewel determines mating.

Well, I found it, and this is it.

A review I believe.

Island City

((Fri. (4), 8-10 p.m., KCOP))


Filmed in Houston by the Lee Rich Co. and MDT Prods. Inc. for the Prime Time Entertainment Network. Executive producers, Lee Rich, Bruce Sallan, Jonathan Glassner; producer, Christopher Chulack; director, Jorge Montesi; writer, Glassner.

Cast: Kevin Conroy, Brenda Strong, Eric McCormack, Pete Koch, Constance Marie , Veanne Cox, Rick Porter, Joe Marchman, Jerry Haynes, Angie Bolling, Cynthia Dorn, Alex Allen Morris, Paul Pender, Caroline Summers, Shea Fowler, Clint Freeman, Paul Rosenberg.

Imaginatively and wryly scripted by Jonathan Glassner, this second consecutive sci-fi adventure syndicated by the Prime Time Entertainment Network consortium (following the recently launched "Babylon 5") happily has more on its mind than digital effects and futuristic hardware -- although it hums with plenty of that stuff, too.

The not-too-distant future in this case is locked into a loftier mind-set. Genetic experimentation has not quite worked out as planned. A disastrous fountain-of-youth drug has turned most of humanity into mutants. A bastion of sanity exists at Island City, including lucky souls (e.g., Brenda Strong's ageless doctor, Pete Koch's half-mutant with a heart of gold) whose genes responded to the "youth injections."

With ripe touches that might have sprung from "Brave New World," Island City residents wear color-coded implants on their chests that identify their gene structure.

Society is genetically divided between normal humanity living in the isolated , impregnable Island City and superpsychotics, aka "recessives"-- hulking savages with lousy genes who violently prowl the rest of Earth.

Once past the show's hokey opening sequence, in which the principals are introduced with real-life Hollywood resume pix that segue into their futuristic characters, the movie becomes a moderately provocative ride.

The production design (by Curtis A. Schnell), contrasting desert squalor and the gleaming Island City, is brushed with visionary detail. As for the plot, Island City's staunch commander (the earnest Kevin Conroy) and a gorgeous brunette (Constance Marie) lead friendly commandos into the wasteland in search of a comrade in peril.

But the plot's the least of it. A lightness of tone and some disturbing ideas steer this sci-fi ship.

mitchandre wrote at 2009-11-02 20:16:27
I have seen the TV-movie Island City and it is definitely the movie described in the initial question.

sci-fan wrote at 2009-12-11 05:16:46
I think I know where the original poster saw this: Mystery Science Theater 3000.  It was one of their B movies, and I have been looking for the title for years now.  Of course, my reply to this is nearly 4 years late at this point.  Hopefully someone can track it down.

clogs wrote at 2010-01-20 18:09:42
this was on tv a while ago, and i am also after copy of this. i believe the name of the half rec was michael mendez

Kac wrote at 2010-09-05 04:56:23
I've seen this same movie as well as for it being a cable thing not so, never had cable believe I seen it on channel 44 I want to say it was the 90's when I saw it cause before that I probably would be to young to remember unfortunately i couldn't remember the name of it either.

heap wrote at 2010-12-03 01:53:00
No, I remember seeing this movie around 1980 at the Abby Theater in Madison Hts Michigan.  But I donít remember the name of it ether.

Dominic wrote at 2012-06-07 17:44:36
Awesome! I have been searching for the name of this ever since I saw it on tv as a teen. I had fallen asleep watching USA Up All night on a Friday or Saturday, woke up somewhere between 2-4 am and randomly found this pilot on another channel. I am so glad I was finally able to find out the name of it. Now maybe I will be lucky enough to somehow be able to view it again.

sebret1982 wrote at 2012-07-17 16:27:24
This is also one that I have been trying to remember about! It was actually a T.V. SERIES (and I never got one of the extra pay channels like HBO). It might have only been one season, maybe two.

I don't remember where the crystals were placed, but I definitely remember that people were only allowed to mate with those of the same color crystal. I think it was to prevent their offspring from becoming the mutations that lived outside the protected area (was it a dome, I really can't remember, but it might have been.) The mutations affected most humans because of a miracle drug. Whether it was a vaccine against cancer or aging or just to look young I can't remember but I'm pretty sure it was one of those.

Ryan wrote at 2012-08-19 23:13:54
OMG I love you all so much I have been going CRAZY trying to find this I kept telling people it's not logan's run!

Aaron wrote at 2012-11-12 14:23:54
Can't remember the name but it was a 3 part made for tv movie/series each part was 1hr long

Jen wrote at 2014-02-17 20:10:35
It is Island city and here is a link to the entire pilot enjoy =D

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