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ilungo wrote at 2007-10-19 21:31:55
The movie is the Langoliers based on a short story by Stephen King

Marty wrote at 2007-11-09 21:09:07
That reminds me of an episode of the Twilight Zone, from the 80's which went like this.

A group of "construction workers" who are all blue if I remember right, are constantly building the future as it happens. Its like they build the reality we experience just before we experience it. They will put a wall in place just before you see it and then take it away when you have passed, so if you are looking ahead they do not build what is behind you and you never know. Sometimes you see them out of the corner of your eye but when you look it is too late, you have moved into the next time period. A woman or couple) slip out of our normal reality into theirs and witness it happening. They are trying to return home but the "foreman" will not allow them to leave, and spread the word you see, so it is basically a chase from there on. They do escape eventually.

catlady wrote at 2007-11-11 00:39:08
I recall a similar show which was aired on the twilight zone on friday nights on cbs .  I believe it was shown in 1985 or slightly later.  It was the 1980's hour long version of twilight zone but I dont remenber the name of the episode.

Marty wrote at 2007-11-30 20:29:54
Check the series out if you can. I saw an episode of the Twilight Zone in the eighties and I remember it thus:. A woman (and her husband I think) slip into a sort of alternate reality. There are Blue Men, with no faces, in working overalls all over the place and they seem to be building something. Eventually them come across the foreman of these men and it is explained that they build the world around us we go. They build the streets we walk on, houses we live in etc but just for a particular time frame in which we will pass through. Alo, if no-one goes down a particular street in the next five minutes the street will not actually be built by them, it will not actually be there an we will never have known. They build the next few minutes and we (mankind) pass in and out then we move on to the next few minutes which they will have built. I hope I explained that clearly enough. The episode is essentially a chase as the couple are not allowed to leave so they run to find a way to slip back into our reality. Eventually they do and fall back in with normal time. The "Blue Men" are sometimes seen out of the corner of your eye but when you look they have already moved on. I don't remember the title of the episode but it was a half hour and was definitely Twilight Zone.

Marty wrote at 2007-12-07 20:33:39
Thsi is an episode if the 80's twilight zone, a half hour long. The Langoliers concerned what happened time after we moved on, this was about time being built before we arrived. Check the 80's twilight zone.

Dean C wrote at 2008-01-26 09:24:56
This rang a bell for me. I remembered an episode on a program like Amazing Stories or The New Twilight Zone about a couple that wake up one morning to find faceless blue-skinned workers removing all their furniture.

The human boss of the workers explained that every new moment of time has to be constructed and then disassembled after the moment has passed (similar to King's The Langoliers). Somehow the couple have gotten displaced out of the flow of time into a moment that has passed.

After a little searching it turned out to be an episode from the New Twilight Zone titled A Matter of Minutes. I hope this helps.

skotfred wrote at 2015-03-11 18:53:46
The 1980's episode was "A Matter of Minutes" - Season 1, Episode 15, (24 Jan. 1986)

The IMDB article on the episode can be found here...

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