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bloccrule wrote at 2008-08-22 04:46:14
ok i am trying to find a movie from the 70's. it was about a alien and he had these things he would take off his body and throw at his victims. he would take them to a shed in the woods and hang there bodys up in the shed some dead and some alive. he was all in black and ragged loking clothes. that is all i can remember about it. but it was a good movie and i would love to find it for my wife to watch. i know it was in the late 70's or even the early 80's cause i was just a little boy. hope u can help me thanks

Also-want-to-know wrote at 2012-08-09 13:44:57
I also want to know the name of this movie. I remember it as you have described and cannot find the name anywhere.

I can add that to stop him going crazy stuck on the stolen space shuttle for the 5 year orbit, he painted a picture of a naked lady on the cockpit door and the female computer voice made him look at the at the sunrise or sunset of either venus or mercury as the ship went past with the dialogue that he would be the only human to ever see it it, now... after he initially was not interested in looking.

Forsome reason, I recall the movie to be called something like "The Lost Planet" but searching on this title has been fruitless..

Seriousnz wrote at 2016-05-30 06:03:47
I rented this movie in New Zealand in the late 1980s (on VHS). The plot is as described. I remember the props and sets being a little corny even then, but with all good B movies, you get carried away by the plot. I don't know its name but I  wouldn't mind seeing it again.  

Andrew wrote at 2016-11-26 09:32:39
I posted this on another site also (a year ago) and very happy I got a response last week!

The movie is called "Galaxy Destroyer" 1986. It was an Italian movie which is probably why it was so difficult to hunt down! The movie is on youtube.

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