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My wife and I, along with another couple, will be visiting Scotland at the end of May, 2013 and be there about a week.  We will be starting in Edinburgh.  I am fond of single malt whisky and was wondering if you recommend using a company that offers whisky tours, and if so, which one(s).  I would like to include some distilleries on Islay.  Also, we are interested in art so if you have any suggestions in Edinburgh, that would also be appreciated.

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Hi Stan,

You are probably thinking your enquiry fell on stony ground.  Sorry, but I was away on a whisky tour and do not think I received notification of the question.

There are lots of advantages of having a driver/guide and company like ours set your tour up.  The only disadvantage is that it costs more.  I do not think it will cost as much more as you think, but if you have to pay for a driver/guide, that is more than doing it yourself.

However, you get so much out of it.

Between four people, a driver/guide does not cost much extra, per person (between eight people, you would hardly notice the daily cost)

We plan the tour based on your favourite whiskies and our knowledge of the best distillery tours and tastings.  We offer advice on accommodation, based on our experience of staying in and having clients stay in, many different hotels across Scotland.  We suggest the itinerary to you based on our conversations and a few questions I will ask you and when you agree it, or we adjust it and then you agree it, I price it and give you a price for the whole deal.  If you accept that, then I book everything - ferries, hotels and distilleries - and we get on with it.

You never have to wonder where you are, where your hotel is, where the distilleries are, where the ferries sail from, where all the scenic and historical attractions are and what the best routes are.  We take the road less travelled to make sure you see the absolute best of Scotland and her distilleries as well as her beauties.

I think the best thing is to email me at or look at our website at  

By all means, look for other companies who run tours, but you will not find anybody as knowledgeable, as reasonably priced and as dedicated to whisky touring as us.




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Willie Wallace


I live in Edinburgh and travel a lot, myself, in Scotland. I`m especially keen on the many beautiful and remote islands, whisky distilleries and golf and can help with travelling around and good places to stay. Also reknowned, locally, as an expert on Edinburgh pubs :o)


I run a tour company bringing visitors to Scotland - Whisky Tours and golf tours mainly, but general tours also. I am already listed as an Expert in the UK section.

Wrote for Fodor's Guide to Scotland. Wrote "Stray Out There" on Backpacking in Ireland and UK. Also wrote a guide on Backpacking in Australia, for Australian Tourist Commission.

Some college. Traveled and lived all over the world. You can't beat that for an education!

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Two of our whisky tour clients - Hotel Waldhaus in Swizerland - Largest number of malt whiskies in the world - over 2500 (Guinness Book of Records) and Dundee Dell, possibly the largest collection of malts of any bar in the US. Regular visitors.

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