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Scotland/midges in Orkney in August


I have read you answer about midges, but would like to ask a supplementary. We are staying at Stromness in August, and hope to walk on the north-west coast from there. Is there any possibility that the midges will be less troublesome near the coast there?
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The first thing to say is that you will need a good map.  A lot of that land is private, though there are no legal restrictions to walking anywhere in Scotland.  That does not mean you do not need to be polite and careful and respectful.  Be all that and you will have a great time

I can think of few places in Scotland, where the wind will be blowing nearly all the time, than that coast.  Next Stop is Newfoundland!!

It is beautiful, though quite domesticated.  Lots of prehistoric remains.  EVERYWHERE!  We tend t think if somewhere has remains, they will have been dug up.  Not on that coast - there are so many that, even if they know they are there, funding and lack of willing workers might have delayed or not allowed digs, so every mound or stone you see has a story, yet to be deciphered!

Midges like damp and overcast weather, so pray for windy and sunny. I would certainly not let the thought of midges stop me from doing what you plan and I think you will love it!

Cheers, Willie


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