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Kim wrote at 2007-09-24 03:40:29
The Scots did not immigrate because of prosperity in letters from family members. Scots were banished to the Americas under persecution of religion and failure to comply with the realm. It was a time of degradation and desperation and absolute lack of power and ability to live a normal life. They were forced to the Americas.

Mary Guthrie wrote at 2011-04-07 01:20:52
My husband's family-the Guthrie's-came to Texas in 1880 to Galveston to become sheep farmers. I have yet to understand why because they had a newspaper business in Scotland. 11 children and believing they could farm sheep in Texas is beyond me. Eventually, John A. Guthrie had a newspaper business in Boerne, TX and his sons in Bandera, TX, San Antonio, TX and Denver, CO. John A. Guthrie was hood-winked into thinking that sheep farming was lucrative in Texas and almost lost everything until he went to what he knew best. He is buried in Boerne, TX and had at least 3 more children after he came to Texas-one who is my husband's Grandfather, Louis Alexander Guthrie. I wish I could locate the letter from one of the Guthrie's that described the journey and subsiquent problems but it is very interesting. I seriously doubt that anyone of us would have survived.

Mary Guthrie

thelma louise hodge sudiack wrote at 2014-01-24 13:58:27
were there ANY hodge or hammons who left Scotland during this period?

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