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QUESTION: Mr. Newman,

I have read your write-up on saluting the flag.  I would like to ask a further question.  At the end of our Boy Scout troop meeting, the flag is retired.  Several of the Scouts were ready to leave when the meeting was over, and had on their jackets.  They were told that it was necessary to remove their jackets for the closing ceremony.  Is this common practice, is there any requirement to do so, etc.?  Some asked questions, and I would like to provide them with accurate answers.



ANSWER: There is no requirement for removing your coat, what would you do it the flag was outside in the middle of the winter?  Take off your coat and freeze?

I really guess that the Scoutmaster was trying to teach a message about getting ready to leave before the meeting was over.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Well, you're partially correct.  What the Scoutmaster said was that a Scout should display his uniform proudly while saluting the flag.  I agree with your outdoor comment, but what about indoors?  Is it required or recommended to remove something covering the uniform when saluting a flag indoors?

Thanks for your help.


A Scout should display his uniform proudly at all times but there is nothing that says that he needs to remove his coat when saluting the flag.  A hat is a different matter.  If a boy is wearing his formal uniform hat he does not need to remove it, but if he is wearing a had that he got from camp, or a 100th Boy Scout birthday hat, or even a hat from his favorite sports team, then he needs to remove it.

I think that the Scoutmaster was probably making more of a statement about not getting ready to leave before the meeting was over and was just using the flag ceremony as an excuse.

There are no differences between inside and outside rules on the flag.

Yours in Scouting,
Tom Newman  

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