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Hi we have a pack that just doesn't have the members it needs.  in our Webelos 1 we have 6 boys and the groups under than have 1 boy each.  People in our pack have been looking around for a new pack.  So far they have mostly agreed on one pack to move to.  
So we are wondering what do we need to do.  Can we merge the 2 packs? We have a good amount of finances from our fundraising and so how can we give that money to the new pack?  Then what happens if some where down the road someone wants to start up our pack again.  What would need to happen to do that?
Thanks Shelley

Hi Shelly,

There are two answers for this question, the technical answer is that the Pack along with the number belongs to the charter organization (the church or civic organization) so when it closes any money in the pack account technically belongs to the charter organization.

The real world answer is that usually the treasurer will cut a check for the new pack.  We had the same thing happen when a Church near us got out of scouting due to the gay youth change.  They had another Charter Organization which took over the troop and let the Webelos den meet with the Troop.  Most of the rest of the pack transferred into our pack. They split up the money based on the number of youth going to each unit and gave us an amount of money based on the number of boys that we got.

As indicated above, the people from the old pack would transfer to the new pack using the new pack number and filling out a transfer application for the BSA.  

As far as re-starting the pack this could be done by the Charter Organization if they want to keep their connection to Scouting.  They could keep their old unit number and flag.

Finally, you might want to talk with your District Executive about this before you leave the old pack.  One of the items that the DE is graded on his the number of units in his district.  Loosing a unit is a black mark on his record.  He will be motivated to keep your active and will probably help you with additional recruitment opportunities in order to keep your unit active.

I hope this helps.

Yours in Scouting,
Tom Newman  

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