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We are preparing for a soap box derby- first in 4o years in our town.  It will combine girl scouts, brownies, boy scouts and cubs. About 40 kids total! Each den is responsible for part of the race (ie track prep, food station, parade).  The teenaged boys will be doing most of the grunt work and building, but its the Tiger cubs who are quickly collecting money! Have you any experience or procedures for dividing work and paying the bills? We are hoping to achieve three for kids, awareness of scouting and fundraising.  Only 12 parents are regularly showing up to help figre this out.
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It seems that you have things under control.  I probably can not give you any advise as it depends on the specifics of the people who are organizing the event.  Here are the suggestions that I would make.

1. Don't set your goals to high, this should be a distance run not a dash.  This year's event should be the building block for the next years event.  Your goals should be that the kids have fun, you get some scouting exposure and that you break even.

2. When you have the event, make sure that the newspapers and TV in your area cover it.  This will get help you get scouting exposure for the current units to pick up members and build excitement for next year's event to both current members and non-members.

3. At the event make sure that you have well designed signs for  this will help non-scouts find a unit.

4. It seems to me that 12 people are about the right number of people to organize the event.  If you get too many more, it will break down from in-fighting.

5. You will want to assign people by their skills not by their position in scouting.

6. You don't say how many units you have but you might want to make this a council wide activity.  This in itself will help the event grow faster.  If you are worried about the success you might want to make it a District event which will be easier to manage for the first year or two.

7. Make sure that you have the full rules in print which will cut down any arguments that might make an otherwise successful event turn into a disaster

Good luck and have fun.

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