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Good Morning,  I am sure that you are being asked this question by others.  My son's troop has been told that we need to find another sponsor organization by Jan 1, 2014. The current sponsor is not in favor the recent decision by the BSA. My question is....the cub scout part of the troop is planning on getting another sponsor (we have several options available). Since they are part of the troop, and plan on using all the same pack numbers ect., would all the troop's money and equipment go with the troop and the new sponsor? Or would it all stay with the current sponsor.  We are talking about tents, trailer, money, supplies, etc.

The local BSA council has stated that everything would follow the troop, but the current sponsor says everything stays with them. It is starting to get very ugly and threats are being made.  

Please let me know your thoughts so this can end in a boy scout way, not ugly.

Thank you
Karen Winn

Technically, the unit is owned by the sponsor organization, so all of the equipment belongs to them.  This is why you use the sponsor organization tax id number instead of a boy scout one.  The unit belongs to the Charter Organization the same way that a choir belongs to a church.  If the choir has a fund raiser to buy new robes, and the church decides to ditch the choir and start a praise band, the robes belong to the church and not to the choir.

I am going to assume that because of the circumstances you suggest, that your current sponsor is a church.  I would suggest that you talk to the head of your organization to see what they would be willing to do.  I am the Scoutmaster for a very conservative evangelical church.  I talked to our leadership very early and when the focus changed from allowing adults to allowing gay youth they were ok with that.  My point was that I, as a leader, was not going to ask boys their sexual orientation, and if they came out on their own, my advice would be to refrain from sex until they were older and I really didn't care if they were homosexual or heterosexual.  Even the Mormon church was ok with allowing gay youth.  This is important because the Mormon church uses the scouting program as their youth program.  Every Mormon Church has a boy scout unit.

In our Council the Catholic Churches are getting rid of the Girl Scouts based on the Girl Scout Policies.  They are switching over the the American Heritage Girls.  This would make sense for them keep any Girl Scout equipment to start their American Heritage Girl Units.  If your sponsoring organization gets rid of Boy Scout, what would they use the equipment for.  It would seem a waste to me, and not a very Christian Attitude.  The point that you should bring up to them what use is the equipment to them.

As far as our trailer, when we bought the trailer, we used unit funds from a special fund raiser.  I talked to our church about how they wanted to title it.  They suggested that we title it in my name but we could store it on church property.  By the same token, when I leave the unit, the trailer is mine and I could keep it.  I expect that I will sell it to the next SM for $1 and other consideration.

Money is another issue.  If you have more than $1000 at the end of the year, and you are not saving for a major purchase, then what are you thinking.  Let the boys who are raising the money spend it.  Why should a boy sell popcorn to support someone who is not even in the troop yet.  If you have a really good year raising money let the boys go on a really big trip or summer camp either free or partially supported by the troop.

Finally I have a copy of the BSA Fiscal Policy that I will share with you but you will have to send me an email to and I will attach it.

Yours in Scouting
Tom Newman  

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