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“I believe that god put us in this jolly world to be happy and enjoy life”.
a) From which message of B.P. this sentence has been taken?
b) Conduct and report at least four All Faiths Prayer Meetings conducted in your Troop.

The quote is from "The Chief's Last Message", found among his papers after his death.  The last message is contained in the back of a copy of "Scouting for Boys" that I have.  While I could quote from his message and explain the context of those words - at least as i understand/believe them, I will recommend something else to you instead - find a copy of this book and read it carefully.

I say this, not to dismiss your question, but rather to allow you the opportunity to put his words into the context of your Scouting Organization and culture.  While Scouting is "the same" throughout the world, there are major differences in implementation of those words as well.  What is important is that the mission, goals, and intent of the Movement are carried out.  I have had the pleasure of seeing Scouting in action in Europe, Asia, and North America- and to have participated in a number of International events which provided some context for the similarities - and differences - between the various organizations that all follow the guidelines for Scouting that BP espoused.

One of the core elements of Scouting is "Duty to God".  In many nations, the religious diversity is such that attempting to define that duty within the context of a single faith can confuse the youth and place them in an awkward position when the specific elements of that faith are not in agreement with their own.  We must, therefore, strive to conduct Prayer meetings at a level that recognizes our "Duty to God" without placing undue emphasis on the specific beliefs of a specific faith.  If you are fortunate enough to have all your youth in the same faith, then the use of "All faiths Prayer Meetings" can serve the purpose of demonstrating how, despite specific elements of a given faith may conflict with those of another, ALL faiths have areas of commonality.

I'm afraid I'm not sure what the "question" is that is associated with item b.  I would be glad to respond if you could state a specific question.

I hope this responds to your question.

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