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I'm an ASM my Scoutmaster found that some boys were watching porn at a camp, the SM and I discussed hoe to handle this and I told him to follow the Youth Protection Guidelines or course he decided to pull the ring leader into a private room with no other adult and interrogated him to find the name of the other kids involved. The ring leader confessed then went into a meeting and threatened two scouts that he thought turned hime in. I told him this was a clear violation of two deep and he put the Troop, the scout and himself in  abad position. one month later I had an issue wit him and how my son was treated at a BOR we had a few not so kind words then he fired me from my ASM position. We made up and I resigned b/c I did not want to work with him and later he held a Painting MB and gave the scouts MB's I asked who was the councilor and did they do the workbook, he blew up at that and it has been down hill from there. He and the Comm Chair signed a letter to have me removed from the Troop but the COR said absolutely not. Now the guy sends me nasty grams when he finds out I have been helping someone with Scout related issues. This is clear harass,meant and I think he should be removed. What is the best way to handle this?

The troop belongs to the Charter Organization and any personnel decisions rest with the Institutional Head.  Whatever the Institutional Head decides is what happens.  It sounds as if you have the COR on your side so the only one who can over rule the COR is the Institutional Head.

Sounds like it might be time to involve the institutional head.

Hope this helps.  

If you need further clarification please let me know.  

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